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October 30, 2009

GMail: Finally, the Missing Feature is Here

If you are reading this blog or following the iPhone apps for Geeks series, then you probably know that there was one missing feature from the GMail mobile that I cried about. This missing feature made me look for alternative better GMail iPhone apps (like GMateMail or iGMail) and even buy one of them.

By now you are probably already asking what’s this feature I talk about: it’s the auto-expanding Compose Boxes (see ☞ Official Google Mobile Blog for a complete description). Basically this feature allows you to write and reply in an efficient and non-frustrating way while using GMail on your iPhone.

Now, if I’m reading correctly that post, it looks like the Google Mobile team is promising for more periodic update, so I hope they’ll get soon to address those frustrating issues in the mobile Google Reader.

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